Library Google Glass Project: RFP

In order to support innovation at Stetson University, the duPont-Ball Library will provide one Google Glass to a Stetson faculty/staff member and one Google Glass to a student to complete a project over one semester. Because of limited funding, this is a competitive process. The library will rely on the material submitted by the applicant to evaluate the project. The chosen proposals will be those that best articulate the project as outlined below. All current Stetson University students, faculty, and staff are eligible to apply. Projects may be scholarly or artistic, but all must have a purpose that supports Stetson’s teaching and learning mission.

The library is announcing this now to give applicants a chance to develop proposals over the summer. We will repeat the announcement at the beginning of fall semester with a SEPTEMBER 5, 2014 deadline for proposals.

By submitting an application, all applicants agree to return the Google Glass at the end of the semester and to present the project in an open forum.

Please supply the following information:


Email contact:

Phone contact:

Project Title:

Narrative (maximum 1,000 words)

Describe your proposed project in narrative form and include the following:

  • Background
  • Purpose
  • Objective(s)
  • Length of Project
  • Plan of Activities
  • Expected Results
  • Presentation/Sharing of Results

Privacy Concerns (maximum 250 words)

If applicable, also describe how you will address any privacy concerns related to your project (e.g., if you plan on videorecording people, then how will you get their permission?) Please be aware that if you are conducting a study using human participants, you will need to submit your proposal to Stetson’s Institutional Review Board for Human Participants for approval.

Qualifications (maximum 250 words)

Describe your credentials to undertake and complete this project including your technology skills.

Value to the University (maximum 250 words)

Describe how this project will increase your expertise and bring value to the University by enriching the campus experience and/or impacting student learning and engagement.

Stetson Students

Will you be working with a faculty member on this project?



If yes, please list the faculty member’s name: 

All applications must be received by SEPTEMBER 5, 2014.  

Submit applications and/or questions to:

Susan Ryan
Betty Drees Johnson Dean of the duPont-Ball Library & Digital Learning Resources
Campus Unit 8418

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