Stetson Cycles Announces 24/7 Bicycle Pump!

Bicycle tires low?  Well then use Stetson Cycles 24/7 Bicycle Pump to pump ’em up!

Stetson Cycles has installed a bicycle pump for use by all Stetson Faculty, Students, and Staff whenever needed 24/7/365.  The bicycle pump is installed directly in front of the Stetson Cycles Bicycle shop on the bicycle rack and instructions for use will be provided.  A picture of the pump is available at  This is one of the many services Stetson Cycles provides for cyclists here at Stetson.  Stop by the Stetson Cycles shop to find out more and consider commuting to Stetson by bicycle if you don’t already!

Directions to the Stetson Cycles shop:
Directions from Sage Hall:  Walk out the south entrance of Sage Hall (facing the parking lot).  Look for the upper parking lot (to the southeast about 500 ft away).  Go to the upper parking lot and look for a gray garage on the southwest corner of the parking lot.  You have found the Stetson Cycles garage!
Directions from the Rinker Environmental Learning Center:  Walk north out of the RELC and look for the Grants Office sign on the opposite side of the street.  Walk up the Grants Office driveway and look for the gray garage on the left behind the building.  You have found the Stetson Cycles garage!

Need any other help with your bicycle?
Come to the Stetson Cycles Shop from 2PM-5PM on Friday.  We can service all bicycles and can do everything from fixing flat tires to de-rusting chains.  We also have bicycle headlights, taillights, and spoke lights to make your bicycle safe to ride at night.  Shop email:

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