Policy changes enacted for personal websites

Web Services, in conjunction with the Office of Information Technology, has for the past several years offered personal web space to the university’s faculty, staff and students.

Outdated content or technology can negatively affect how the university’s web domain  is rated, ranked and perceived by the outside world. An internal review has resulted in the following changes to the university’s web policy:

  1. Only current faculty, staff and students, and emeritus faculty are eligible to use this service.
  2. All personal websites must be of an academic nature and/or are expected to further the university’s mission as an institution of higher learning.
  3. To use this service, it must be requested via an online form. Existing websites will be grandfathered in. Websites with no content will be automatically disabled for 24 hours and will only be re-enabled if content is added. To request the service, complete the Personal Website Request form.
  4. (Current and emeritus faculty): Staying in line with item #2 above, personal websites aren’t meant to be used for biographical purposes. The Office of University Marketing, in conjunction with Academic Affairs, offers and manages hosted faculty profiles for this purpose to ensure this content is presented in the highest possible quality. To request a new profile or to update your existing faculty profile, complete the Faculty Profile Update Request form.
  5. The Web Services website will be updated to reflect this information.
  6. At the beginning of each fall semester, the list of approved websites will be reviewed to ensure that only current faculty, staff, students and emeritus faculty have active personal websites.

For any further questions about these changes, please contact web@stetson.edu.