Two cool student organizations you want to join!

Want to stop bullying and drug abuse at Stetson?

Then join Students Against Destructive Decisions!

We work hard to prevent bullying, drug abuse and other destructive decisions at Stetson through presentations, cultural credit events, and direct action campaigns.  Join us today at

We have a huge event coming up on Feb. 10 – Marc Mero will be giving his award-winning Champion of Choices presentation.  Stay tuned!

Want to help Stetson and DeLand become more environmentally friendly?

Then join Stetson Environmental Club!

We use a variety of strategies including competitions, cultural credit events, and meetings with top level decision makers to influence Stetson and DeLand to go green.  Join us today at

We have several cleanups and a competition coming at the beginning of February.  Stay tuned for more!