Stetson Cycles Bicycle Shop Reopens!

Stetson Cycles is proud to reopen its bicycle shop at a new location for Spring 2014!

New Location: Gray Garage by the New Grants Office.

Directions from Sage Hall:  Walk out the south entrance of Sage Hall (facing the parking lot).  Look for the upper parking lot (to the southeast about 500 ft away).  Go to the upper parking lot and look for a gray garage on the southwest corner of the parking lot.  You have found the Stetson Cycles garage!
Directions from the Rinker Environmental Learning Center:  Walk north out of the RELC and look for the Grants Office sign on the opposite side of the street.  Walk up the Grants Office driveway and look for the gray garage on the left behind the building.  You have found the Stetson Cycles garage!

Services: Stetson Cycles is the one-stop shop for cyclists!  We can fix most bicycle problems including flat tires, rusty chains, nonfunctioning brakes, nonfunctioning shifters, and improperly attached accessories.  We can teach you how to ride your bicycle safely and legally.  We have free bicycle maps of Volusia County and safe bicycle riding booklets.  We sell and install low-cost headlights, taillights, and locks.  If you have a question about bicycles we can probably answer it!

Hours:  Currently 2PM-5PM Friday.  Additional hours coming soon.

Contact us: (shop email)