Important Student Insurance Info

All students enrolled at Stetson University are expected to have adequate health insurance to cover them while attending the University.

If you do not currently have health coverage, a Student Injury and Sickness Plan is available to all eligible students through United Healthcare Student Resources. This plan will provide coverage to you through Aug. 11, 2014.

Per university policy and the Cultural Exchange Act, International students with a student visa who have not been granted permanent residency status, are required to enroll in and purchase this insurance plan unless proof of other adequate insurance is furnished to the Stetson International Learning Office.

You may enroll and access information about the student insurance plan at:

Select “Stetson University-DeLand/Celebration Campus” from the drop down menu. Please see the “Review Brochures” link and the “Enroll Now” Link

PLEASE NOTE: Enrollment Grace Period Ends on Midnight, Feb. 8, 2014!

You must enroll in the plan by Feb. 8, 2014 in order to have your coverage start on Jan. 9, 2014.

If you enroll in the plan after Feb. 8, 2014, your policy start date will be the date you enroll online or the date the enrollment form and full payment is received in the First Student Insurance Office.  (Address located on the back of the enrollment form.)

NOTE: If you already signed up for the Student Insurance Plan in Fall 2013 and chose the ANNUAL coverage, then you will continue to be covered through the plan end date of Aug. 11, 2014.

NOTE: If you signed up for the Student Insurance Plan and chose the FALL ONLY Semester plan, you will need to sign up for the Spring/Summer Plan in order for your coverage to continue through the plan end date of Aug. 11, 2014.

If you have questions, please contact First Student Customer Service at: 1-800-505-4160 or contact the Risk Management Office at: 386-822-7701

— Thank you for your attention to this important matter. —