Res-Hall Energy Wars Competition Winners Announced

Congratulations to Chaudoin Hall as they have been announced as the winner of the December Res-Hall Energy Wars competition.  Residents proved to the university that they have solid knowledge of electric energy conservation tips. Chaudoin blew away the closest competition and were the clear winners with Nemec Hall coming in second.

Now that the competition is over we encourage residents to continue to use those strategies both here on campus, where ever they may call home outside of Stetson, and any place they live in the future. Strategies implemented here will help make green Hatters play their part in environmental awareness and action for years to come.

The Department of Housing and Residential Life is thanking those for participating by providing Chaudoin Hall with 260+ Stetson Sustainability Footprint t-shirts.   They will be available first come first serve while supplies last (residents will receive information via email).

Thanks once again for all students who participated in this joint effort from Department of Housing and Residential Life and the Stetson Environmental Club.

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