Two Cultural Credit Movies: Monday and Tuesday

Monday Cultural Credit Movie:  Flight

Monday, Nov. 25 in Sage 218 from 7-9:15 p.m.

This showing of Flight is sponsored by Students Against Destructive Decisions.  The movie review from IMDB: An airline pilot saves almost all his passengers on his malfunctioning airliner which eventually crashed, but an investigation into the accident reveals something troubling.  Trailer is available at


Tuesday Cultural Credit Movie:  Blue Gold

Tuesday, Nov. 26 in Rinker Environmental Learning Center from 7-9 p.m.

This showing of Blue Gold is sponsored by Stetson Environmental Club. The IMDB Movie Review: Wars of the future will be fought over water as they are over oil today, as the source of human survival enters the global marketplace and political arena. Corporate giants, private investors, and corrupt governments vie for control of our dwindling supply, prompting protests, lawsuits, and revolutions from citizens fighting for the right to survive. Past civilizations have collapsed from poor water management. Can the human race survive?  Trailer is available at