Be alert for fraud

Stetson University has been made aware of the occasional circulation of fraudulent checks that bear the university’s name. These instances have involved people who aren’t members of the Stetson community and who live outside the area. The Office of Finance wants everyone to be aware that if you receive one of these checks, and the bank account number on the check ends with 4894, please understand that it is a fraudulent check and was most likely initiated through contact via an online classified website such as Craigslist. Stetson University is a not a third-party outsourced vendor; if you have received one of these checks you will need to contact your local law enforcement for any questions and concerns.

Stetson University does not have any loss due to these checks, so the university cannot file a police report when learning that a check has surfaced. The university has a fraud report already on file with its bank.

Stetson University accounts are set up with the appropriate safeguards to prevent any loss from these checks. The one who bears the risk is the online seller who accepts payment by check and receives one of these fraudulent checks.