Help Prevent Bicycle Theft!

Hello Hatters,

In the past few weeks there have been several bicycle thefts on campus.  Please take a few minutes to help reduce the chance that your (or another Hatter’s) bicycle will be stolen.  Here are a few simple steps you can take right now:

1. Get a tough, high-quality bicycle lock!  When choosing a bicycle lock find one that is either high-quality, weatherproofed chain (at least 1/2″ or 13mm thick hardened steel), a weatherproofed hardened steel U-lock (at least 1/2″ or 13mm thick), or a weatherproofed coil lock (at least 13mm thick woven steel with a vinyl or Kevlar covering- this will be about the thickness of your pointer finger).  Your lock should be no thinner than the width of your pointer finger – if it is then this can be cut in less than 10 seconds with a $10 hand tool.  Plan to spend no less than $15 on a bicycle lock.  Make sure that your lock cannot be wiggled or yanked apart (some cheap Bell locks can be).  Good brands include Kryptonite, OnGuard, and Abus.  The local bicycle shops (DeLand Cyclery and JC’s Bike Shop) can help you choose the best lock for your bicycle.

2. Lock your bicycle correctly at all times!  Even the best $250 bicycle lock won’t protect your bicycle if you never use it.  Always lock your bicycle – even if you will only be away from it for 30 seconds!  When at an inverted “U” bike rack such as in front of the CUB use your lock to secure at least the frame and rear tire (and more if you have extra cable or chain).  When at a “ladder rack” such as at Sage Hall back your bicycle into the rack and then lock through the rear tire and frame (for security and to prevent your bicycle falling over).  Stetson Cycles can show you how to lock your bicycle properly.

3. Get your bicycle registered with Public Safety!  Public Safety has a free bicycle registration program.  It only takes about 2 minutes to register your bicycle and if it is ever stolen the chances of recovering your bicycle are greatly improved.  In addition, make sure to take a picture of you with your bicycle.  The bicycle registration and this picture will greatly increase the chances of recovery of your bicycle if it ever gets stolen because it can be proven that you own the bicycle and police officers know what to look for.

4. Watch out!  Immediately report any suspicious activity around bicycle racks (especially if it looks like a bicycle is being stolen) or if your bicycle is stolen by contacting Public Safety at 386-822-7300.  Your prompt actions may prevent a crime!

This public service announcement brought to you by Stetson Cycles.  Stetson Cycles is a registered student organization working to support cyclists through a nonprofit bicycle shop (open Tuesday afternoons and Friday 12noon-4pm, located in the back of the parking lot between Pi Beta Phi and Health Services), advocacy, and working with community leaders.  Please come by the shop or email us at for more information.

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