Message to Stetson faculty, staff

TO:                 The Stetson University Community 


Christopher M. Kandus-Fisher, Vice President of Student Affairs; Rosalie Carpenter, Dean of Students; Lua Hancock, Assistant Provost for Student Success

Over the last year, members of the Division of Campus Life and Student Success have diligently worked to develop a strategic plan, aided by associate professor Scott Jones from the School of Business Administration. We write to update you and share the outcome of this strategic planning process.

Purpose and Goals

Our new Campus Life and Student Success Strategic Plan will focus on the core goal of fostering an integrative learning environment that supports and challenges students to lead a life of significance. We aim to accomplish this goal by concentrating our efforts in the following areas: Campus Vibrancy, Holistic Wellness, Safe and Supportive Campus Community, Academic Success and Resiliency, Global Citizenship, and Personal and Professional Goal Fulfillment.

The Campus Life and Student Success staff at Stetson University work toward affecting change for students and the community while contributing to the higher education body of knowledge on a regional and national level. The Campus Life and Student Success Division Strategic Map was developed in order to align our divisional efforts with university-wide strategic plans and showcase for any and all interested parties the division’s plans for moving forward in an effective manner. The strategic plan not only will advance the division, but it will also enhance the student experience in and out of the classroom, intentionally supporting retention efforts and student success.


After consulting with associate professor Scott Jones, the leadership of Campus Life and Student Success – Christopher Kandus-Fisher (Vice President of Student Affairs), Lua Hancock (Assistant Provost for Student Success), and Rosalie Carpenter (Dean of Students) – began the planning process, which went through several phases. First, the Campus Life and Student Success Leadership Team, composed of individuals in key leadership positions across the division (please see list below), identified all possible stakeholders, including, but not limited to, students, parents, community members and faculty partners. The team then identified all of the current work being done pertaining to each type of stakeholder, as well as the work that could be done given a rearrangement of current resources. After identifying the aspects above, we held conversations with offices and individual staff members to see which goals were perceived as higher priorities and would have a larger impact on the university. From these meetings, approximately 15 total priorities were identified.

Campus Life and Student Success Leadership Team

Lynn Schoenberg, Executive Director of Holistic Wellness

Jeannie Kiriwas, Director of Student Development and Campus Vibrancy (former)

Ben Falter, Executive Director of Housing and Residential Life

Stacy Collins, Director of the Academic Success Center

Joe Protopapa, Executive Director of Career Development and Academic Advising

Savannah-Jane Griffin, Director of Community Engagement

Kevin Winchell, Assistant Director of Community Engagement

Eric Canny, Director of International Learning

Outcomes and Next Steps

Attached you will find the complete document that shares our goals, objectives and tactics. We are excited to communicate this information to the university community and look forward to working together to support our students. Our Campus Life and Student Success Strategic Plan has emanated from the current University Strategic Map, and will be further extended after the next horizon of university strategic planning to begin in October 2013. Additionally, please consult the University Planning website at in order to remain connected to the various strategic planning processes that are happening within the university.

Development of 2013-2015 Strategic Map

Student Affairs Divisional Strategic Map (7-13-13)