2014 England Field Course info session

Come see historic Britain off the beaten path. Walk the moors of Cornwall and Yorkshire. Climb into Roman forts and medieval castles. Explore Stone Age tombs, medieval cathedrals, a Roman palace and an ancient copper mine. Hike Hadrian’s Wall and Mount Snowdon. Discover local history and modern life in the towns of England and Wales. And of course, study British history as unfolded in the landscape, from Stonehenge to London. The eighth English Landscape field course will take place May 14-30, 2014, and counts as a course in the Spring semester. Faculty (active and emeritus) and staff travelers are also welcome (and need not do any homework). For more information, come to the information session, 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 8, in 315 Elizabeth. For more information, contact Dr. Kimberly Reiter at kreiter@stetson.edu.

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