Ride a Bicycle or Walk to the Football Game!

Hello Stetson Community,

Please ride a bicycle or walk to the next football game.  Just go to Amelia Ave. next to Carson/Hollis Hall and follow the DeLand Greenway south to the football stadium (map here).

It is much faster than driving!  You won’t get stuck in traffic, have to search for a parking space, or have to park really far away from the game so you will get to Hatter Village faster.

Free secure bicycle parking is right next to the north entrance! Free valet bicycle parking will be available next to the DeLand Greenway at the corner of S Alabama Ave and E Euclid Ave from  12noon to one hour after the game.  Bicycles have the closest parking to the stadium and it is completely free!

It is safe and easy to ride a bicycle or walk to the football game! Just go to the well-lit and well-paved DeLand Greenway and follow the path directly to the game.

You will be PEPPED for the game!  By walking or bicycling you will be more alert than if you traveled to the game by car.  Being more active and having more gameday spirit will make you the best Hatter fan possible!

You will reduce your carbon footprint by walking or bicycling!  During the round trip from Stetson to the football game and back to Stetson, the average car creates 1-2 pounds of carbon dioxide – by walking or bicycling you have almost no carbon impact.

We hope to see you arriving at the football game by walking or by riding a bicycle!

~Posted courtesy of Stetson Cycles, Stetson Environmental Club, and the DeLand Chamber of Commerce Bicycles n’ Trails Committee.

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