Stay Informed About StetsonU

In an effort to enhance internal communications, a new automated email announcements system has been established for the DeLand campus community. Announcements that appear on Stetson Today are now emailed to staff, faculty and students, automatically, in a digest form once a day. Everything seen in the emails is already publicly viewable on Stetson Today, the university’s information portal. The email system is automated for distribution only after new announcements are posted. (If nothing new is posted in Announcements on any given day, you won’t see a digest email the next morning.) Emails are segmented, so that staff receive staff announcements, students receive student announcements, and faculty receive faculty announcements.

Stetson Today and Announcements emails are just two of the many ways to stay up to date about Stetson news. Stay informed at Stetson, an Aug. 22 story in Stetson Today, outlines other avenues of communication that are easy to use and available to all Hatters.


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