Attention, first-year students

IF you have not started or completed the Mystudentbody course you need to complete it immediately! Please read the following: is an interactive, fun and personalized health and wellness tool.

*   Go to

*   Click “Register Now”

*   Students: Fill out form, enter code “hatters”

*   Under the “Essentials Course,” click “Take Now”

*   Complete the Alcohol, Drug & Sexual Violence components

*   Score 75% or higher to pass (we’re automatically notified)

*   Check out the other great sections on sexual health, tobacco, stress and nutrition and look for a follow up email in 90 days.

We suggest Safari or Google Chrome browsers for the program. If you have questions, please email If you believe you are receiving this email in error, please email us so we can look into the issue.

Terrance Harris, Assistant Director of Wellness & Recreation

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