Dr. Childress speaks on Interdisciplinarity and Education, April 16

Dr. Herb Childress, Dean of Research and Assessment at the Boston Architectural College, is the keynote speaker for this year’s Showcase.  His address at the annual Showcase banquet will begin at 6:15 pm, Stetson Room, and is open to the general public.   He is committed to an interdisciplinary scholarship, and has published in architecture, adolescence, cultural geography, education, and qualitative research ethics.  His first book, Landscapes of Betrayal, Landscapes of Joy, shows the ways in which American suburban physical environments of home, school and community hinder the social, emotional and educational growth of teenagers.  His second book, The House of Ennui, is a particular examination of one 22-year old and the ways in which he was attempting to craft a satisfying adult life without models of adult living that he found appealing and trustworthy.  Through that examination, he raised important and difficult questions about whether contemporary adult life is worth emulation at all.