The 2013 STETSON SHOWCASE April 16

The 15th annual Stetson Showcase will take place all across campus on Tuesday, April 16.  All classes are cancelled.  Almost 150 Stetson students will be presenting papers, posters, art installations, musical recitals and digital/film creations from the Rinker Fieldhouse, Sage, Elizabeth, LBC,  and Flagler  Halls, Lee Chapel,  Hand Art Center and the Athens Theater.  See an artwork, hear a music recital, experience a student film, learn about everything from soliton waves to Dracula.  Students may earn up to three cultural credits during the day, plus cultural credits at the evening Men’s and Women’s Chorus Concert and Digital Media Festival.  The program will be online at by Thursday, and printed programs will be available at venues, along with cultural credit tickets.  Come hear what your friends have been working on all year.  Come to the Showcase!