SpeakFeast: An Ode to Women

As a part of Women’s Week, Stetson’s chapter of National Organization for Women are hosting a Speak Feast/Readaloud!

Have you read any works by women, relating to women, the female experience, or gender in general? Have you written your own pieces? Come share or just listen on Wednesday, March 20th at 4:30 in the CUB Faculty Lounge!

This event offers Cultural Credit, and there will be refreshments and coffee available!

If you’re interested in speaking in this ode to women, please email KT Tonner at ktonner@stetson.edu with a piece or pieces you’d like to read aloud at this event! You don’t have to submit work to attend the event, but don’t be afraid to share!
Any poetry, songs, short stories, essays, book excerpts, articles, etc. will be accepted!
Please submit your work in digital form. 

What to submit:
  • Works relating to women, the female experience, gender, sexuality, or works BY women that speak to you.
  • An attached word document of the piece you’d like to read
  • A short (just a few sentences) description of what the piece is about/what it means to you
  • If you’re reading from a book or other printed material, please type it out or give an estimate on the excerpt length
Email KT Tonner at ktonner@stetson.edu by Sunday, March 17th to secure your spot in the lineup!