Student Insurance Plan Still Available!

The 2012-2013 Student Health Insurance Plan is still available for enrollment! All students are expected to have health insurance while attending classes at Stetson.  If you do not already have insurance coverage, please review the following information about the Student Health Plan.

Below is the link to our Student Insurance Info Webpage.

This webpage will provide a brief summary of the Student Health Insurance plan that runs from Aug. 12, 2012 thru Aug. 11, 2013.  Students can review the cost of the plan and access the Link to sign up at our Insurance Agent’s Website (First Student).

Two ways to sign up and pay for the Plan:

Students can sign up for the plan either by online form (pay by credit/debit card or electronic check), OR download and print out the enrollment form and pay by mail with check or money order.

Enrollment Options:

Sign up for the Annual Coverage (Coverage will be the Date your enrollment/payment is received and will continue thru August 11, 2013).

Sign up for the “Fall-Only” Semester now, then sign up for the Spring/Summer Plan in January 2013.  The rates for each of these options are shown on the Webpage.


Your plan start date will be the date you enroll/pay online, or the date our insurance agent receives your enrollment form and premium payment by mail.** The Annual Plan continues to August 11, 2013. The Fall-Only plan continues to January 12, 2013.  If you choose the Fall-Only plan and will continue at Stetson in the Spring, you will need to sign up for the Spring/Summer plan in January in order to continue your coverage thru August 11, 2013.

Here is the Student Insurance Webpage Link:

** Because an initial enrollment grace period was made available through 9/11/12, the insurance cost will not be pro-rated.

Questions regarding the Student Insurance Plan may be directed to ‘First Student’ at: 800-505-4160, or contact Terry Gordon in the Risk Management office at: / Phone: 386-822-7701.