Inclusive Excellence in Teaching: Diversity Council Summer Workshop

As part of our efforts to actively and intentionally engage diversity and inclusive excellence in the curriculum at Stetson University, the Diversity Council and the office of the Associate Provost for Faculty Development are co-sponsoring our first annual summer symposium on Monday, May 14, 2012 (2 days before the start of summer session).

The aim of this symposium is to provide interested faculty from all divisions and Colleges/Schools an opportunity to share their work on diversity and inclusive excellence in their classrooms as well as in research, and also at building long-term networks of support that offer colleagues a chance to get together to reflect on issues of diversity and inclusive excellence. We urge faculty to bring us your success stories, but also not to be afraid of talking about strategies you’ve tried that haven’t worked very well. Our goal is to learn from each other in a collegial environment.

We invite you to submit one-page proposals (approximately 250 words) for papers, workshops, and presentations which address issues regarding the pedagogical, pragmatic, philosophical or scholarly aspects of diversity and inclusive excellence. Such issues may include (but are not limited to):

  • Strategies for creating more inclusive classroom environments and developing classroom materials that better reflect a broad diversity of people and perspectives.
  • Techniques for productively handling situations involving not only different subtle forms of micro-aggression, but also conflict, power, and confrontation that arise around issues of diversity, difference, and intolerance.
  • Methods for integrating diversity and inclusive excellence outcomes and developing diversity-related learning outcomes in the syllabi and the classroom via, for example, readings and activities indicated on the syllabi.
  • Strategies for articulating learning goals related to intercultural competency, empathy, and taking seriously the perspectives of others.
  • The connection between diversity learning and cognitive complexity, critical thinking, moral discernment, and civic commitment.
  • Experiential learning practices that help students both develop sophisticated knowledge, skills, and abilities related to diversity and utilize these capacities in new settings and to answer new questions.
  • The effectiveness of online courses on diversity learning and student engagement across differences.

Faculty who submit accepted proposals and who deliver talks/workshops will receive a $500 honorarium.  All participants will enjoy a free lunch and receive a goody bag that includes resources/ print materials on inclusive excellence.

Please, send an electronic copy of your proposals to Dr. Jamil Khader via email attachment ( by April 15 2012, and please also indicate technology needs.

The Stetson University Diversity Symposium

Coordinators: Dr Kimberly Flint-Hamilton and Dr Jamil Khader

May 14, 2012

9 a.m.-3 p.m.

DeLand Campus

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