Hollis Mentored Field Experience in Andean Peru

The Stetson Latin American Studies program has offered a yearly Mentored Field Experience course in the region since 1996 through the generosity of Trustee Emeritus Mark Hollis. This year’s 1-unit (4 credit-hour) class will be directed by Professor Robert Sitler and focus on the Indigenous Andean cultures of central Peru.  All majors are welcome. Travel, food and lodging for four Stetson students are included as part of this unique opportunity which includes a 3-week trip to Peru in May-June of this year. The course connected with the trip will meet this spring (2012) and complete a final project in the fall.

Requirements: good physical condition for hiking and camping at high elevations, a minimum of intermediate-level Spanish recommended, study on Stetson campus in fall of 2012.

Contact Dr. Sitler for an application and more information at rsitler@stetson.edu.  

Applications are due ASAP by Friday, February 10.