POLITICS 101 CONFERENCE – Internship Opportunity!

Politics 101 is seeking a student intern to help organize its Fall 2011 conference, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, September 10, 2011. The internship tentatively begins in early July, 2011, and ends on September 23, 2011. This is a non-paid internship, but provides the opportunity to gain concrete experience as a conference organizer as well as the opportunity to network with politically active citizens, organizations, candidates and elected officials.

The qualified student would be, first and foremost, someone who has a deep interest in political engagement and who takes satisfaction from creating opportunities for such political engagement. Further, the qualified student should have a track record of dependability, hard work, and organization. Experience with logistical planning, building a website, graphic design/video production, political campaigning, communications (press releases, marketing, RSVPs, etc.), and/or assessment/reporting (quantitative and qualitative) is desired, but not required.  Experience using wikis, Google Docs and social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) is likewise desired, but not required.

The intern’s specific responsibilities would be tailored to her/his areas of strength and interest, though she/he would be expected to commit to approximately four hours per week toward organizing the conference as well as about 15-30 hours in the week prior and the week of the conference. Preference will be given to students who will be in the DeLand area during summer, though such proximity is not absolutely necessary.

Interested students should email Kevin Winchell, Politics 101 Conference Director, at kwinchel@stetson.edu with a resume, and a cover letter that explains (1) why they wish to apply for this internship and (2) what their specific qualifications are given the specifications above.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled, but the priority deadline will be 4:00pm on June 29, 2011.


Politics 101 is a free, one-day crash-course on political campaigning held at Stetson University at the beginning of every Fall semester. The mission of Politics 101 is to bring academics, campaign professionals, political candidates and organizations, community members and students together to learn political campaigning fundamentals, strategies, tactics and best-practices from the experts and each other while being connected with opportunities for political experience.

Politics 101 started in 2010 as a response to the lack of opportunities to learn about political campaigning in the politically important Central Florida area.  In order to have a functioning democracy, citizens and students need to learn about our democratic processes – especially the political process of reaching out to constituencies, learning about the issues, identifying and mobilizing voters, communicating clearly and concisely, building grassroots organizations and properly funding a political operation. At Politics 101, citizens and students can gain that knowledge from academics, political activists and professionals who study an/or work on these issues for a living. Politics 101 can help citizens and students become more effective activists, build their resumes, network with political candidates, academics and activists, and even start their own campaigns or organizations.

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