Diversity and Why it Matters

Diversity and Why it Matters: Towards an Open Dialogue. 

A Follow-up Discussion with Dr. Kimberly Flint-Hamilton and Dr. Jamil Khader

When: Tuesday, April 19

Where: Flagler 201

Time: 6:00-7:00 p.m.

On one of her trips to the Bahamas, the famous African-American poet June Jordan describes the complexity of living in a diverse world. She examines the distance she feels from the local Black natives on the island, even though she identifies with them as a Black woman. Nonetheless, her education, reputation, and citizenship set her apart from them. She then tells the story of two of her former students, one white Irish and the other Black South African, who managed to find common experiences in their lives pertaining to their struggles against alcoholism and violence in their families. What do these stories tell about how we view diversity and how can redefine it to construct more connections and linkages between ourselves and others? How can such a new space for dialogue be created, without simply celebrating the Other’s 3 F’s (food, festivities, and festivals)?

The Diversity Council and the Tri-C are organizing a follow up discussion on diversity at SU that picks up on issues and threads that were raised on the different panels on Diversity Matters day and that continue to intrigue and excite members of the Stetson community. This follow up is unique in that it seeks to examine the meaning of diversity and the way we think and feel about it by looking at how different forms of diversity intersect and interlock to create shifting positions of power and privilege within systems of power and oppression. Some one may be underprivileged or disadvantaged by race but empowered by gender, sexuality, ability, and class.

Join us in Flagler 201 between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. on April 19 to share, reflect, and expand our horizons.

Cultural Credit Available. Please contact Dr. Khader at jkhader@stetson.edu with any questions.