Tiffany Dobbins '22

Tiffany Dobbins

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Majors: Elementary Education
Involvement: FOCUS Orientation Leader, Student Ambassadors, Event Director for Hatterthon

What is your most meaningful experience at Stetson?

So far at Stetson, my most meaningful experience has been the exposure to leadership positions offered. Stetson offers many organizations. Two of my most favorite experiences has been apart of Student Ambassadors and Hatterthon. Student Ambassadors has allowed me to interact with prospective students, putting myself in their shoes and helping them through their college visit. Hatterthon has allowed me to give back to my community and being apart of an organization that is greater than myself.

Why you chose Stetson?

Being from Orlando, I have always lived 10 minutes away from UCF. It was expected for me to go there during my beginning years of high school because it was a normality for everyone at my high school. After visiting Stetson's campus my junior year on a tour, I knew my destiny was to be somewhere different. Visiting Stetson opened my eyes to what it has to offer: a beautiful campus, small class sizes, and the feeling of being welcomed on campus. Now, two years after from beginning college, it is safe to say that when I listened to my heart, I made the right decision.