Raé Grimsley

Raé Grimsley

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Major: Biology
Class Year: 2026

Involvements on Campus:

Student Ambassadors and Green White and You

What I Like to Do on Weekends:

On the weekends I like to go on walks and refresh my dorm room. I enjoy this because it allows me to relax but it gives me something to do!

My Favorite Class at Stetson:

My favorite class at Stetson so far is my Intro to Anthropology class because the topics that we discuss are very interesting and it makes you look at things in a different light. Professor Daws, is an amazing teacher and makes the class very fun and engaging I WOULD recommend the class to everyone!

Advice to Prospective Students:

Be open! Try things that you would not usually do! College is definitely a new experience but once you get a routine everything will eventually fall into place! BE INVOLVED! Joining clubs on campus will be the biggest way to meet new people 

Favorite Place on Campus:

The student lounge area in the Carlton Union Building and is my favorite spot on campus because there is an area for you to study and also a room for you to interact and hang out with your friends which I find to be a perfect balance!