Parker Lewin '22

Parker Lewin

Hometown: Wayne, NJ
Major: Communication and Media Studies
Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee, FOCUS Orientation Leader, Student Ambassadors, Hillel, Greek Life

What I Love Most About Stetson

My secret favorite place is the conveyor belt that whisks away my dishes when I'm done eating in the Commons (I hate doing dishes). But I actually really enjoy Palm Court the most. It's a perfect spot to rest in a hammock and there is always something going on which makes walking to class never a dull moment.

I think my most meaningful experience at Stetson was living in Nemec hall during my freshman year. The way the dorm rooms are set up really made it easy to make friends with everyone on my floor. I spent so much time hanging in my common area and I'm still really good friends with everyone to this day.

I chose Stetson because it made the most sense logically. I applied to 12 schools (which hindsight was a horrible idea especially since I got into all of them). I was never the kind of person to walk onto a campus and just fall in love or have that gut feeling. I just knew if I found the school interesting, or I didn't. My dad had this book called "20 Colleges that Changed Students Lives" and Stetson and one other small school in Florida was in it. I toured both schools, got accepted, came back for both accepted Students days. At the end of the day, Stetson had the programs I wanted (they have a law school in Tampa that I'm considering), the campus is nice, it had the clubs and organizations that I was at least interested in joining, and they gave me a really nice scholarship which made flying too and from New Jersey when I had to possible. My Dad also told me something he learned from a friend, you want a school that wants you more than you want them - Stetson fulfilled that requirement. They had multiple events up in New York and set up in person interviews with my admissions recruiter in New Jersey. They easily showed that you weren't just a number in their system and that they had an actual interest in getting to know you. Overall, I figured that if Stetson made the most sense logically, how could I go wrong?