Nick VanNostrand '20

Nick VanNostrand

Hometown: Palatka, FL
Major: Finance
Involvement: Greek Life, Club Sports, Hatterthon, Student Ambassadors

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is probably the steps of the Carlton Union Building (CUB). It's here where students can engage others in their organization through tabling or conversation. This is also why I consider the steps of the CUB to be the center of campus. Monday through Thursday there are always students at tables creating outreach to everyone around them through music, art, raffles, informational activities and other events.

What is your most memorable Stetson experience?

My most memorable Stetson experience is doing total reveal at Hatterthon 2020. We raised $84,407.20 for the Children's Miracle Network! I have been involved with many organizations that make small or medium impacts on the campus or the community, but that was one of the largest impacts a group of Stetson students made and will continue to make every year after.