Ngan Le

Ngan Le

Hometown: Parrish, FL
Major: International Business; Finance
Minor: Certificate of Community Engagement
Class Year: 2024

Why I Chose Stetson:

I chose Stetson because it is a smaller and more connected school. I found my home here.

Involvements on Campus:

Asian Pacific American Coalition, Student Ambassadors, Phi Alpha Delta, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

What I Like to Do on Weekends:

I love hanging out with friends and painting. I think the best form of self-care comes in caring about your interests and hobbies and supportive environments.

My Favorite Class at Stetson:

My favorite class at Stetson would be Professional Communications. It taught me a lot about how to present myself and build my resume for my academic and professional career.

Advice to Prospective Students:

Have fun! There is so much to life, and being able to surround yourself with people who challenge and support you will mean more in the end than those who don't.

Favorite Place on Campus:

The Carlton Union Building (CUB) is my favorite place to study or relax. It's got study rooms for late-night studying or recreational activities for when I need a break from studying.