Mariela Gonzalez

Mariela Gonzalez

Hometown: West Hartford, CT
Major: Elementary Education
Class Year: 2024

Involvements on Campus:

Student Ambassadors, Latinx Student Union, Younglife College, Ticket Taker 

What I Like to Do on Weekends:

I like to be adventurous. I enjoy going to the beach or the park. I like to drive around and explore different parts of DeLand. Try new foods, and hang out with my friends. I feel that these things get me out of my comfort zone and I am not always in my room or doing some sort of work. I like to try new things. 

My Favorite Class at Stetson:

My favorite class at Stetson has been Reading in the Primary Grades. I have enjoyed this class. My professor has been amazing and I have learned so much. We do fun activities and get to experience what it is like to be teachers in the field. 

Advice to Prospective Students:

My biggest piece of advice to prospective students is to not stress so much about the college search. Find somewhere that you feel comfortable and like you can be yourself. Stetson has personally created that for me and it could potentially be the place for you. 

Favorite Place on Campus:

My favorite place on campus is the patio outside the CUB’s North Lobby, called George's Place. I enjoy sitting there in my free time before or after my classes. I love the fresh air that I get and also being able to see all of my friends when they walk by.