Madison Gray '21

Madison Gray

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Major: Political Science
Involvement: Hatter Network: The Reporter, Greek Life, Student Ambassadors

What I Love Most About Stetson

My most memorable Stetson experience so far is honestly, the entirety of FOCUS week when I first got to Stetson. There are a lot of random moments in between that are memorable to me because of my group of friends, but as a whole and as an overall Stetson memory, FOCUS is definitely the most memorable for me. There is a lot going on that first week, but I think that you get an even better taste of what the Stetson community is like and what it’s like to be a student at Stetson. All of the activities and events that the FOCUS staff plan are a lot of fun and they make the first week a little less stressful. I personally met some of my best friends during FOCUS and I developed a great connection with my leaders, who still are there to answer questions if I have them. For me, FOCUS was one of the first opportunities to get involved on Stetson’s campus and build my community and join the community that already exists.