Laura Jones

Laura Jones

Hometown: Bentonville, AR
Major: Aquatic and Marine Biology
Minor: Education
Class Year: 2022

Why I Chose Stetson:

I choose Stetson because I knew I could grow as a person here, but still, do all the things I love. Everyone is so nice and positive, and it felt like it could be where I found a second family. I have loved the new opportunities presented to me and the close connections I have made with others.

Involvements on Campus:

I am the Lead RA of the First Year Area, I am the president of OCEAN Club, I am a research assistant for the Institute of Water and Environmental Resilience, and I am part of the Stetson bands where I play the clarinet

What I Like to Do on Weekends:

I like to go to the springs or other nature trails and parks around DeLand. I go with friends to hike around trails, see wildlife, and enjoy being outdoors. I also love going to study at Boston Coffeehouse.

My Favorite Class at Stetson:

I loved Ornithology with Dr. Peter May. I learned so much about birds and it was so fun to see how passionate he was about the topic. Even now, I still go birdwatching and fell in love with them because of the class.

Advice to Prospective Students:

To make a checklist of qualities you are looking for in a school, but also know that no school will be perfect, but it's how you see yourself and what you feel when you visit campus that is the most important. I call it a "Say Yes to the Dress" feeling that I got when I came on campus, and I think it is important to choose a place where you feel comfortable and welcomed.

Favorite Place on Campus:

Palm Court.