Della Vaughan

Della Vaughan

Hometown: Ormond Beach, FL
Major: History
Minor: Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies
Class Year: 2024

Why I Chose Stetson:

I chose Stetson for many reasons. One, for the small class sizes and the academics. Two, for the ability to commute to campus. Third, for the wide variety of majors and minors. Fourth, for the "Stetson Community" feel I have ALWAYS received at Stetson since the moment I started considering this school and up until now.

Involvements on Campus:

Student Ambassadors (Open House Captain), FOCUS Orientation (Assistant Coordinator), Young Life Stetson (President and University Liaison), Phi Alpha Theta (Vice President), Omicron Delta Kappa, UniBuddy

What I Like to Do on Weekends:

I enjoy reading, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family.

My Favorite Class at Stetson:

I think this would be a tie between History of Ancient Rome with Dr. Reiter and Theatre History: Classical to Neoclassical with Professor Cooper. Both of these classes have been extremely interesting, and I love both of the professors. Both professors are very passionate and knowledgeable about the lecture material and I learn so much in their classes.

Advice to Prospective Students:

My advice would be to find a place where you connect and it feels like home to you. For me, one of the major factors in choosing Stetson was the campus and the community. I didn't have a similar experience at the other colleges I toured and it helped me realize that Stetson is the best fit for me.

Favorite Place on Campus:

My favorite place on campus is probably Elizabeth Hall. The history department is located on the 3rd floor, so I spend a lot of time in the building as is. It's the 2nd oldest building on Stetson's campus, and I just love being in that hall.