Chase Sabari

Chase Sabari

Hometown: Port Saint Lucie, FL
Major: Political Science; Philosophy
Minor: English; Digital Arts
Class Year: 2024

Why I Chose Stetson:

I chose Stetson because I came from a small high school. I wanted the chance to reinvent myself amongst my peers and still be able to connect with my professors on a deep level. Stetson was the only logical choice for me when I considered these two things. I have built a good community of peers and friends and grown in ways I never thought possible. 

Involvements on Campus:

Greek Life, FOCUS, Student Ambassadors, Telecenter and intramural sports

What I Like to Do on Weekends:

Skateboard, play basketball and make music because they are my outlets for the day-to-day that we go through in life and in college especially. 

My Favorite Class at Stetson:

Intro to Philosophy. This class changed my mindset and gave me a new love for learning. My professor incorporated movies like Black Panther and made them relatable to the material. It led me to eventually adding on a minor and now major. I like that the class was so impactful that it coerced me into expanding my field of study. 

Advice to Prospective Students:

Stick to your guns. Meaning, know what you like before coming to college; it’ll be your peace. For me, that’s basketball, music and skateboarding. Also, prioritize schoolwork and make sure you love your major. If you enjoy learning and reading about a certain subject then that is the ONE for you. It makes getting the strenuous done easier and prompts you to work first and play later. Any fun you can have in college is 10 times better when all your assignments are done first. 

Favorite Place on Campus:

The UVA parking lot to debunk stress and skateboard.