University Accessibility Committee Overview

The Stetson University Accessibility Committee is a joint initiative across both the DeLand and Gulfport campuses to improve physical, technological, and intellectual access to members of the community with disabilities. We recognize disability as an important identity to the overall diversity of the Stetson community. This group was formed to further the inclusion and equity for these individuals.  

Accessibility initiatives have historically been decentralized at Stetson University, where Academics, Marketing, Information Technology, Facilities, etc. have operated independently within their own purview and followed regulation within that purview. The formation of the University Accessibility Committee aims to centralize and create clear pathways to the overarching improvement of accessibility at the institution.  

The University Accessibility Committee is led by the DeLand 504 Coordinator and consists of representatives from: Facilities (DeLand and Gulfport), Accessibility Services (DeLand and Gulfport), Human Resources, Office of Online Learning and Educational Technology, Web Services/Marketing, Faculty, and Students.  

The committee reports to the University Vice Presidents through the Office of the Provost.  

DeLand Campus Academic Success/Accessibility Services

Martha von Mering, Associate Director, Academic Success & Accessibility

Alyssa Morley, Coordinator of Student Success & Accessibility

College of Law Accessibility Services

Kathryn Pelham, Associate Director of Accessibility Resources & ADA Coordinator

Courtney Crump, Accessibility Resources Specialist

Residential Living and Learning

Vacant, Associate Director of Housing Operations & Administrative Services

Facilities Management

Bonita Dukes, Associate Vice President of Facilities Management

Louise Feldkamp, Director of Project and Construction Management (DeLand Campus)

Beau Howells, Director for Facilities Management (Gulfport Campus)

Web Services/Marketing

Gary Sipe, Director of Web Services

Office of Online Learning and Educational Technology

Kim Canup, Academic Technology Specialist

Human Resources

Drew Macan, Associate Vice President for Human Resources and Organizational Development

Wellness & Recreation

Sara Smith, Project Director - DVSAS Grant


Melinda Hall, Associate Professor of Philosophy & Dept. Chair, Department of Philosophy


Kirk Crandall, Junior, Accounting Major

  • September 2020 – campus walk auditing physical barriers for wheelchair users (initiated need for committee) 

Immediate Actions  

    • Installed a new closer on the front door of Allen Hall and adjusted the spring pressure so that it works easier for the users; 

    • Adjusted the closer on the exterior door leading into to Sampson Hall and will replace the closer so that it works easier for the user;  

    • Initiated work with City to help resolve the ADA ramp transition issue between the street on Michigan Ave. and the LBC entrance plaza; 

    • Key academic building doors re-wired for ADA access with a Key FOB. 

Continued Response 

    • Working with consultants for alternatives for Allen Hall door access  

    • Consultant contacted for alternatives to ADA route into Sampson Hall 

    • ADA door access re-wiring to allow key FOB usage has been prioritized for all applicable doors for continued stages of updates 

  • SensusAccess Accessible Document converter purchased for entire university, integrated into Canvas roll-out and training in development. SensusAccess allows conversion of word documents, PDFs, or web pages into an accessible format such as accessible PDF, audio file or braille.  

  • Create catalog of Stetson branded Accessibility Training videos for the community including topics such as:  

    • Accessibility is diversity/social justice 

    • Specific technology training related to creating accessible content 

    • Universal Classroom/Program design  

  • Regular scheduled "walks" to audit access to campus in both physical and virtual environments.