Get Support Through Accommodations

Stetson University is committed to the intent and purpose of the Americans with Disabilities Act and other laws governing disability and accessibility. As such, Stetson University recommends accommodations in accordance with Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and ADA Amendments Act of 2008, the Rehabilitation of 1973 (Section 504, as amended), and the Fair Housing Act. 

In the higher education environment, students with disabilities have the option to self-identify and request ADA accommodations. While, in general, self-identifying and registering are not mandatory, students with disabilities must register with the appropriate office before reasonable accommodations can and will be granted.  ADA accommodations are not retroactive and will take effect on the date they are granted. 

You can find more information on how to request specific accommodations including links to applicable department websites below. 

Accessibility Services

  1. First, the student should complete the Accommodations Profile.  In this profile, students share their personal experience with barriers in the academic environment.  Students share their strengths and challenges academically, previous accommodations, anticipated barriers, and potential accommodations for their time at Stetson University. 
  2. Next, please submit supporting documentation to the Accessibility Services Center.  Further information regarding documentation can be found in the Documentation Guidelines page on the Accessibility Services Center website. New students are encouraged to send their documentation immediately after committing to enroll at Stetson University.  Current students are encouraged to send the documentation as soon as it is available.  Documentation can be sent a variety of ways including email, fax, mail or hand-delivery. The Accessibility Services Center can be reached at the following:

   Email[email protected]

   Fax: (386) 822-7127

   Mailing Address: 421 N. Woodland Blvd., Unit 8366 | DeLand, FL 32723

   Physical Address of Accessibility Services Center:
   209 E. Bert Fish Dr. | DeLand, FL 32723

  1. The final step is to schedule a Welcome Access Meeting with a staff member. During this meeting, the staff member and student will review anticipated barriers, the staff member will share information regarding ADA accommodations, and the staff member and student will collaborate on appropriate accommodations for their time at Stetson University. These meetings are established through the "Stetson SSC" software as follows: 
      1. Log into
      2. Navigate to the "Student Life" tab and click on "Stetson SSC"
      3. In the upper right-hand corner, click the blue button that says "Get Assistance."
      4. On the next screen under "What type of appointment would you like to schedule?" select "Academic Services" from the first drop-down menu. Then select "Academic Success."
      5. For the "primary reason" select "Accessibility Meeting" then click "Next."
      6. For the "Location" select "Accessibility Services Center" (it should be the only option). You are welcome to select a particular person (e.g. Martha von Mering or Alyssa Morley) from the advisor list. If you do not select anyone, it will look for the availability of all staff offering this type of meeting. Then click "Next."
      7. On the "Time Select" screen, you are able to pick your date and time based on the availability. These meetings will need to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting.
      8. Finally, on the "Confirmation" screen you can provide any comments and select if you would like an email and/or a text reminder of the meeting. Once you hit "Confirm Appointment," you are all set!
  • After determination of accommodations - the student acknowledges a request of accommodations, and Academic Success will notify their professors of the specific accommodations. We then encourage the student to:
    • Set up a meeting with each professor prior to or after class, or during the professors' office hours (available through the course syllabus or department administrative assistant)
    • Discuss the specifics of the accommodations with each professor to determine ways to meet the accommodations (e.g., for students with testing accommodations, will tests be taken in the classroom, academic department or at the Accessibility Services Center?)
  • Once fully registered with Academic Success, students must request their accommodations using an online form (covered during the initial meeting) in order to have professors notified of accommodations for subsequent semesters.

Residential Living and Learning

After completing a housing application, students who are seeking additional consideration in the housing assignment process or reasonable requests for modifications to their housing assignment must submit a Request for Special/ADA Accommodation.

To help make certain each student receives an appropriate housing assignment, the accommodation request process has been developed in collaboration with the following departments:

Types of Accommodation Requests

  • Health-Based Accommodations
  • Request for Emotional Support/Service Animal
  • Religious-Based Accommodations
  • Dietary Accommodations
  • Academic Accommodations

Please Keep In Mind

Submitting a request for special/ADA accommodation does not guarantee that your request will be granted or that space will be available in your requested assignment at the time your request is considered. Consideration for accommodation requests is given based on the date the request and all required documentation is submitted and space available within the residential buildings. The university has a limited supply of each different room type, bathroom type, residential area, etc. We attempt to grant as many requests for special accommodation as our supply of specific residential space will allow. However, there may be situations where the type of accommodation request is no longer available on campus. We will work with students in this situation to identify an assignment that best meets their request and may reach out at a later date with an offer to re-assign the student as appropriate space becomes available.

During certain times of the academic year, a response to a Request for Special/ADA Accommodation may take up to two weeks.

Renewing Your Request for Future Terms

Approved accommodations are only approved until the end of the Housing Agreement period in which they were requested. For example, an approved accommodation request for Fall 2021/Spring 2022 is approved for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 academic terms only. A Request for Special/ADA Accommodation must be submitted for each future academic year for consideration and approval.

If the accommodation requested for a future term is the same as that approved for a previous term and the documentation provided for is less than three years old, new documentation is not required. The documentation already on file with Residential Living & Learning will be used for the accommodation request.

If a student’s accommodation needs have changed from the previously approved accommodation or the documentation on file is more than three years old, the student will be required to submit updated documentation.

Dining Services works with each student individually to ensure they have access to the various meal options on campus. 

Contact the Director of Residential Dining, Marie Destinvil for an individual consultation to best determine how Stetson Dining Services can meet your needs: [email protected]  

Stetson Law Accessibility Resources

Checklist for First-Time Registration with the ADA Coordinator and First-Time Accommodation and/or Modification Requests through the Accommodate Portal

Any student who wants to request an ADA Accommodation and/or an ESL Testing Modification should follow these steps:

  1. Review the academic calendar for submission deadlines and related policiesREMINDER: Delayed submission requests may further delay implementation of granted ADA Accommodations or ESL Testing Modifications.
  2. Gather relevant documentation and information according to the Documentation Guidelines. There will be an opportunity to upload your documentation in Step 3. Please keep in mind that copies of accommodations from previous schools, an Individualize Education Plan (IEP), or 504 Plan may not be sufficient documentation alone, but will be helpful as part of a more comprehensive report.
  3. Visit the Accommodate Public Registration Page to create your account and simultaneously submit your initial request for ADA Accommodations or ESL Testing Modifications.
  4. Visit the Accommodate Student Portal for any changes or updates in your request during the semester.
  5. Communicate with and respond to the ADA Coordinator in a timely manner to avoid delays in granted accommodation implementation. 
  6. Place a reminder in your calendar to visit the Accommodate Student Portal every semester to renew your request for ADA Accommodations or ESL Testing Modifications.  See the checklist below.

Checklist for Renewing Accommodation and/or Modification Requests through the Accommodate Portal

  1. Every semester, log into your Accommodate Student Portal account using your Stetson credentials.
  2. On the left-hand navigation menu click the arrow next to Accommodations.
  3. Click on Semester Renewal. This will bring up the semester renewal submission form.
  4. Choose the Add New button to see the approved and renewable accommodations. Then choose the semester for which the request is being submitted and courses will populate on the right side.
  5. All previously approved requests will be listed on the page for student to review. This process must be complete each semester accommodation is needed.
  6. If you are not requesting any changes to any of your previously granted accommodations, please click "no" where indicated for EACH accommodation and/or modification, and submit your request.
  7. If you are requesting changes and/or additions to your previously granted accommodations and/or modifications, please select "yes" where indicated for EACH accommodation and/or modification, specify your updated/new request, and explain the reason updated/new request. Once completed, submit your request. 
  8. Click Review the Renewal to check your request is complete. You have the option to change accommodation, add a new accommodation request or remove accommodation. Once you have completed the renewal form, select submit to send the form.
  9. The ADA Coordinator will process your request and/or reach out to you if additional information is needed. 
  10. Place a reminder in your calendar to visit the Accommodate Student Portal every semester to renew your request for ADA Accommodations or ESL Testing Modifications.

A Guide to First-Time Requests through Accommodate (PowerPoint)

Human Resources

Reasonable Accommodation/Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy

The Americans with Disabilities Act, also known as ADA, and other federal, state, and local laws provide an opportunity for greater economic security for a significant number of citizens by providing orderly processes for achieving and maintaining employment. Beyond any legal requirement, the University strives to demonstrate its commitment to this concept by requiring the removal of unnecessary and artificial barriers to employee selection and work access and by maintaining an orderly and structured process for working with employees in an interactive process to make reasonable accommodations that allow an otherwise qualified individual with a disability to perform the essential functions of a job assignment. It is the policy of the University to provide reasonable accommodations in employment to qualified individuals with disabilities unless the accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the operation of the University's business or would change the essential functions of the position. Retaliation against an individual with a disability for using this policy is prohibited. 

In general, it is the responsibility of an applicant or employee with a disability to inform the University's Office of Human Resources that a need for an accommodation exists or that some adjustment or change is needed to perform the essential functions of a job because of limitations caused by a disability. A reasonable accommodation refers to change or adjustment in the job or the work environment that allows a qualified employee with a disability to perform the essential functions of his or her job. While it has been our experience that supervisors and employees often informally work through issues surrounding limitations caused by a disability, this process has been developed to provide a formal process through which the employee can notify the Office of Human Resources for assistance. (For additional information, see Policy 4.5.18)