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Social Science

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Fast Facts

Faculty: includes all social science faculty

Available for: Major

Emphasis Within the Major: any social science discipline

This program is of an interdisciplinary nature.

This interdisciplinary major encourages students to examine a wide range of human experiences through the theories and methodologies of the social sciences.

These disciplines seek to understand the structure, culture and functioning of modern society, as well as changes that have occurred through social, cultural, historical, economic and political processes.

Courses that can be used towards the social science major are offered by the departments of economics (College of Arts and Sciences), environmental science and geography, history, political science, psychology and sociology and anthropology. With prior approval, select offerings in other departments and programs may also be included.

A Distinctive Program

Rather than majoring in one specific social science discipline, this major exposes students to a wider range of social science fields and allows them to concentrate in two of them. The major is comprised of seven units in one discipline (the primary area of concentration, or primary discipline) and four units in a second discipline (the secondary area of concentration, or secondary discipline).

Social science majors complete a senior research project in their primary discipline. Additionally, students must complete two general education social science courses and/or elective social science courses in two different social science disciplines, both of which must be outside the primary and secondary areas of concentration.

Academics and Research

Independent Research

Students complete their senior project in their primary area of concentration and have opportunities for research and internships in related fields

Facilities and opportunities

Facilities and Opportunities offered to social science students include all of those corresponding to the social science disciplinary programs.

Preparation for graduate study

Graduates are well prepared for research in the social science discipline of their primary area of concentration.

Awards and Recognition

Distinguished Faculty

Faculty members come from all departments in the social sciences. Please see each department for specific information.

Grant-Funded Research

Students are eligible for the opportunities afforded by the primary area of concentration and related fields. Students are encouraged to participate in the Stetson Undergraduate Research Experience, which provides funding for equipment, room and board and travel.

Undergraduate Awards and Honors

Students have the opportunity to receive awards and join the honor society in their primary area of concentration.

Courses and Curriculum

» View the Stetson University Course Catalog for more information on the curriculum and courses for this academic program.

Beyond the Classroom


The internship possibilities for students include all of those corresponding to the social science disciplinary programs, especially in the primary area of concentration.

After Stetson

Diverse Careers

Our alumni go on to a variety of graduate programs and careers. Please see individual programs for more information.