Music Technology

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Create original music using exciting new technology.

Music technology is a means of creative expression through music. Unlike audio engineering and music composition, you have the ability to develop your original "voice" by using a variety of software and hardware tools.

Program Overview

The bachelor of music in music technology integrates music performance (voice, orchestral instruments, piano, organ and guitar) with studies in digital music and audio production. A combination of traditional music study with focused courses on composing, recording and performing music with technology, it is an option for all students accepted into the School of Music.

This degree requires you to be an excellent musician and participate within the School of Music while developing your creative output. We offer courses in recording techniques, music production, sound synthesis, audio processing and sound design. Technology is ever-changing in the music industry, so our program is dedicated to helping you prepare for the future of music.


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Our music technology program will provide you with the necessary advising to excel in the world of music and open the doors you seek to a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Program Benefits

Since music technology is a part of the School of Music, you will be surrounded by high-caliber musicians to collaborate with on various performances and projects. You will also get to participate in music ensembles and learn about the history of excellent music from multiple eras.

All of our music technology courses feature hands-on projects, giving you ample opportunity to practice your art and build your portfolio. Projects will often be refined through multiple revisions and receive ample critiques from faculty and peers in an effort to produce work of the highest quality.

Because of the program's association with the digital arts program in the College of Arts and Sciences, you have the opportunity to work with student artists working in web design, digital video, 3D animation and interactive applications.


Our experienced and successful faculty will help guide you through the journey of our music technology program.

Career Significance

There are many career paths you can take after graduating from our music technology program, including (but not limited to)

  • Audio Engineer (studio or front-of-house)
  • Recording Producer
  • Sound Designer
  • Freelance Musician