Understanding the past is vital to shaping the present and the future.

History students at Stetson University learn how to reconstruct the past in order to better understand the present. History is about connections — between people, ideas, events, time periods, places and across academic disciplines. History students study these connections across the centuries and across the globe. Whether you’re studying the Ottomans, King Arthur, the Holocaust or the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, you’re learning to think critically and analytically about how humans have shaped their world.

Program Overview

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Major, Minor
  • Concentration in Public History

History majors learn about the past and about the world. History is a living and changing discipline; even though it is about the past, historians are always thinking of new ways to interpret that past. Stetson University history students learn to think about the past this way too, and to question their own assumptions about historical events and patterns, developing their own conclusions informed by careful reading and discussion.

Program distinction includes a public history concentration, a rich variety of internships, travel courses to England and Rome, engaged teaching inside the classroom and at local historic sites, intensive faculty mentorship on individual research projects, an opportunity to earn honors in the major with extended research and generous research grant opportunities.

History majors take courses across all the world's geographic regions, broadening their understanding of global cultures. Courses cover distinct historical eras and themes in North America, Latin America, Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Eurasia, Africa and the Middle East, and East, Southeast and South Asia that range from prehistoric times through the turn of the twenty-first century.

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Undergraduate Research

Each history student at Stetson University engages in independent research and completes a senior research project with faculty guidance. Recent research topics include the evolution of women's roles in the U. S. military, Polish-British Military relations in World War II, contracts and social capital in the NBA, Eleanor Roosevelt's human rights activism, Romano-Celtic relations in ancient Britain, Mongol rule in Iran, Jewish-American culture in the golden age of comic books, an examination of how high school history textbooks differ in the treatment of slavery and the effect of the anti-Vietnam movement on U.S. policy.

The History department offers several competitive grants for majors to supplement their scholarship with hands-on experience in archival research or presentation of their research at academic conferences. Members of the History honor society, Phi Alpha Theta, may submit their research to present at the biannual Phi Alpha Theta Undergraduate Research Conference.


Members of the department's faculty are most focused on teaching and on you, as a student, and your success. Our faculty include three Fulbright Scholars, one who has received the Alexander von Humboldt Research Award from the German government, one who has received a McEniry Prize for Excellence in Teaching and two Hand Research Award recipients.

Career Significance

History majors excel at original research, critical thinking and analysis of trends through time, and each student completes a challenging senior research project during their final year, all skills which prepare them for a variety of careers. History majors frequently pursue graduate programs in:

  • Law
  • Public history
  • Public administration
  • Library and information science

History majors often build successful careers in:

  • Museums, historic sites and consulting
  • Politics and public administration
  • Education
  • Law
  • Business