Executive Master of Business Administration

Realize the possibility of your full leadership potential.

You've been working diligently in your industry, conquering the responsibilities of your position. But now, something seems missing. A transformative educational experience can be the solution by building your repertoire of knowledge, confidence and leadership development.

Program Overview

Executive M.B.A. students at Stetson University are part of a dynamic and immersive program. Students hone their leadership abilities and strategic thinking skills, leaving our classrooms equipped to conquer any challenge. Students see immediate results— skills learned in class on Saturday can be applied at work on Monday, meaning that the student, their work and their education are improved simultaneously.

Over the course of our 18-month program, students meet at the Stetson facilities in Celebration, Fla. on alternating Fridays and Saturdays, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Each enrolled class is a cohort, with students starting and finishing the program together. Each cohort consists of no more than 25 students, allowing for significant peer/faculty engagement, lively discussions and a strong professional network.


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Our challenging curriculum will provide you with the advanced knowledge necessary to excel in the dynamic business environment and open the doors you seek to a fulfilling and rewarding career.


Our leading faculty members of the School of Business Administration are highly regarded among students. Among other awards, members have been selected as Teacher of the Year, Service Provider of the Year and Researcher of the Year.

Career Significance

When alumni bring their fresh knowledge, skill and ambition into the office, coworkers and higher-ups notice. That's why our program leads to career advancement, increased opportunity and a higher salary. Alumni work for a variety of organizations.

Success Stories

Kim Tuttle, EMBA '16, Instructor of Computer Information Systems, Oklahoma Panhandle State University

This program is life changing. The bond that will be created among your cohort is stronger than that of blood family and the memories you make along the way will last a lifetime. Stetson's EMBA program is so much more than the educational piece of learning the ins and outs of the ever changing business world, but you will also dig deep inside yourself to start growing as a leader and developing your leadership style. The leadership journey you are about to embark on is like none other. You will only get out of this program, what you put into it. Blood, sweat and tears are the minimal requirements!

Marissa Zerbo Condello, EMBA '16, Senior Pricing Analyst, The Walt Disney Company

The Stetson Executive MBA is a transformational experience that is life changing. The program teaches practical business acumen that can be applied immediately to the work place. It focuses on developing your leadership practice within both your personal and professional life to live fulfilled guided by your core values.

Jennifer Small, EMBA '10, Corporate Vice President, The Grove Student Counseling Services Inc.

Stetson University's EMBA program is a stand-out for those considering an EMBA that is fully accredited and academically rigorous for a multitude of reasons. The professors are all outstanding, talented and committed. The wonderful support of the program staff, hassle-free class registration, books pre-ordered and hand-delivered, the great classroom setting, and the many other unique benefits all streamlined the logistical elements. Faculty and staff clearly go to great lengths to make their students' environment comfortable and well-equipped to focus on learning. While the program is demanding, the effective arrangement of the courses allows classmates to manage and maintain a full-time career. The EMBA's cohort class style also offers the ideal venue to create a foundation of lifetime colleagues and friends. I am confident in saying that we will all be able to leverage what we learned from the EMBA throughout our varied future paths and careers.

International Trip

During the program, each EMBA cohort takes a trip together to an international location to observe foreign industry, including both local and multinational businesses. The trip takes place after fundamental coursework has been completed so that differences in application across the diverse business disciplines can be appreciated. As opposed to a classroom, business practices and environments are studied in real time.

Graduates often cite in their exit interviews that the international trip was one of the most rewarding experiences of their time in the EMBA program—an experience that facilitated bonding between the cohort members. Destinations are chosen based upon the size and diversity of the industry of the city as well as the overall economic climate of the country. Prior locations include Turkey, Hungary, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Dubai and South Africa.