Turn today’s dreams into tomorrow’s revolutions.

Our program equips you with a mindset that will allow you to explore possibilities and establish a unique advantage in a complex world. Whether you want to change the world through social entrepreneurship or develop the next “it” product, you will gain the creative problem-solving skills and business knowledge to make your dream a reality.

Program Overview

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Major, Minor

Stetson University's Prince Entrepreneurship Program is an endowed initiative that seeks to develop the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. Whether you come into the program with a business idea in mind or are interested in the entrepreneurship process, our program curriculum is developed to inspire innovation. The classroom learning intersects with practice through collaboration with the local community and mentorship under successful entrepreneurs.

The major consists of four required courses and two electives which can be taken from multiple disciplines within the School of Business Administration. In fact, the program design is such that it allows you to pursue a double major or a minor in another business area.

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Stetson University's School of Business Administration is fully accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International, a prestigious accreditation.

Entrepreneurship Club Activities

At the heart of the entrepreneurship program are the co-curricular activities that students will engage in. First, it is our belief that students interested in entrepreneurship should become engaged as early as possible upon arriving at Stetson. The Entrepreneurship Club is a natural first step.

You will have the opportunity to be a part of three national entrepreneurship groups. Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization is the largest such affiliation. CEO has a primary focus on growing an entrepreneurial high-growth firm; next, DECA is a national organization focusing on the free enterprise system where entrepreneurship is highly valued; finally, students interested in social entrepreneurship will be right at home in the ENACTUS organization.

Being a part of the club opens numerous avenues to the many local/regional and national entrepreneurship competitions where students vie to represent themselves and Stetson. Many of these including the local competitions come with cash prizes. The largest is the Innovation Challenge where the grand prize is $10,000.


  • Bill Jackson, D.B.A., Memphis State University, director
  • Lou Paris, M.B.A., Stetson University, assistant director

Supporting Faculty

Career Significance

Students in entrepreneurship will be prepared to launch a new business if that is their immediate aspiration.

More so, our objective is to prepare critical thinkers and problem solvers who will join entrepreneurial firms, return to their family businesses and be thought leaders (intrapreneurs) in corporate positions. Many following these paths often emerge as business owners at a later point after gaining experience.