Be the author of the next chapter of your life. 

English has always been your favorite subject—you enjoy analyzing texts and following your creative spirit. To say that writing is your passion would be an understatement. You wish to broaden your skills and perfect your ability.

Program Overview

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Major, Minor

The ability to write and communicate well is critically important to all endeavors. Our students study many different kinds of texts, including novels, poems, plays and nonfiction, and learn about language and writing for different audiences and purposes. Our faculty will prepare you to write analytically, persuasively and creatively. Classes within the program are student-centered which provides individual instruction.

In addition, you will examine canonical works, newly appreciated texts, language, writing and literary theories that aid in progressing their knowledge of comprehension and dissertation. Stetson students have taken English courses to prepare for business, education, law and veterinary school, as well as for graduate study in English. Alumni have gone on to be novelists, magazine editors, journalists, screenwriters, lawyers and CEOs.

Opportunities that are available to English majors and minors are the Sullivan Creative Writing Endowment, The Stetson Reporter, Stetson's campus newspaper, Touchstone, Stetson's literary magazine, Poetry at an Uncouth Hour and a plentiful amount of awards for work within the undergraduate English program.

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Our challenging curriculum will provide you with the advanced knowledge necessary to excel in the field of English and open the doors you seek to a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Program Benefits

As a Stetson English major, you will learn to read, write and think for life.

The curriculum offers breadth in its 200-level ENGL courses on literary and rhetorical forms and history, as well as its 200-level specialized writing courses; it deepens that understanding through its 300-level and 400-level courses in literary criticism and theory, literature, rhetoric and writing studies; it offers workshop opportunities and challenges, and close attention to students' work, in its 300-level and 400-level creative writing classes. The senior project gives each student the skills and guidance to join an ongoing critical, theoretical, or creative-writing conversation and make their own contribution.

Work closely with faculty mentors in class through research and writing opportunities outside the classroom.

You will have the opportunity to work with faculty mentors in their classes and through research and writing opportunities outside the classroom, including Stetson Undergraduate Research summer grants, work on ongoing digital humanities projects, peer teaching fellowships, and summer travel to the Disquiet program in Lisbon.

Present your papers at national conferences.

English majors in the past year have presented papers at the Sigma Tau Delta national conference and the Florida Conference on Undergraduate Research, and published work in literary journals and the Sigma Tau Delta national literary journal.

A Stetson English major offers flexibility.

Students often pair their love of reading and writing with a second major; popular choices have included Religious Studies, Philosophy, World Languages and Culture, Creative Arts, Political Science, Social Studies and History. Minors have included Creative Writing, Gender Studies, Environmental Studies, or Business, with Marketing an especially fine complement to English studies. This kind of combination is a way for students to diversify their knowledge and skills.


Our award-winning English department faculty is first and foremost devoted to teaching. Its members reflect the diverse interests and talents of Stetson students. From medieval to contemporary literature, poetry to creative nonfiction, sonnets to comics and detective fiction and Shakespeare to Woolf, publishing scholars and creative writers bring extensive experience to the classroom.

Career Significance

With an English major, you can decide your own path after graduation.

Stetson English majors have gone into law, distinguished themselves in graduate programs from English to International Relations, become magazine editors and writers, worked in public relations, advertising, and technical fields, become book editors, opened their own businesses, become filmmakers, novels, poets and essayists, worked in nonprofit organizations and business and taught at every level from elementary school to universities.