Teachers make a significant impact in the lives of children.

Being a successful teacher means being impactful in a student's life. Having a hand in developing a bright future is inspiring beyond compare. Your teaching career starts here in our Education program.

Program Overview

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Elementary Education Major, Education Minor

As one of the most outstanding education programs in Florida, we believe that early and ongoing field experience is important and therefore one of the key components of our program. In collaboration with our school partners and the community, we stress a comprehensive approach to individual development that views students as active inquirers and participants in their own growth. As an elementary education major, you will participate in continuous field-based experiences leading up to the senior internship. Our program builds content knowledge, professional dispositions and pedagogical practices for every candidate. 

A minor in education can also complement your major with the ability to teach your craft. The focus is comprised of the purposes of education, the motivational atmosphere in which learning takes place and specific hardships that students often encounter in schools today.

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Our challenging curriculum will provide you with the advanced knowledge necessary to excel in the field of education and open the doors you seek to a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Field Experience

Field experience is an integral and important part of the Department of Education. Early and continuous field experiences are provided to systematically integrate practice and theory by linking field experiences to courses within the program. These clinical experiences provide teacher candidates with the opportunity to develop, practice, and demonstrate pedagogical and content knowledge and skills that are related to their education courses to include guidance, supervision, and monitoring by cooperating teachers and university faculty members.

The level of field experience is varied and commensurate with the level of courses in which the students are enrolled. Each candidate will be active in the field and will have over 700 clock hours of field experiences, culminating with the final internship (student teaching).


Our highly qualified faculty will help guide you through completing your degree.

The Nina B. Hollis Institute for Educational Reform

The mission of The Nina B. Hollis Institute at Stetson University is to stimulate innovations for the advancement of all learners, particularly birth through grade 12 and non-traditional students, relating to creating educational opportunities for all students through research and applied partnerships.

The Institute focuses on outreach and dissemination to address ways in which race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, English proficiency, community wealth, familial situations, and other factors contribute to or perpetuate lower educational aspirations, achievement, and attainment for affected groups of students.

Career Significance

Thomas Jefferson said, “Show me a nation that is both ignorant and free and I will show you a nation that never has been and never will be.” Jefferson knew that a democracy can only flourish when the citizens of that country are well-educated.

Teaching is a profession that educates the population. For the last several years, our current graduates - who remain in Florida - have had a 100% job placement rate. As a nationally accredited program, our degree is honored by all fifty states.

As a graduate of our program, you may also wish to continue your studies in the field of education through a wide variety of graduate programs in Florida, the country and around the world.

Success Stories

Robin Diedrichs – Teacher of the Year 2017

As a graduate of Stetson University, I have received the benefit of support from the Stetson University education professors and the Hollis Foundation. Stetson has continually supported my growth as an educator by providing grant funds for endeavors like DaVinci Club, collaborating on research and publications, and presenting at local, state, and national conferences. My success as a teacher is inextricably intertwined with my Stetson degree!

Emily Edwards – Teacher of the Year 2014

Being a Stetson graduate laid a foundation that became a launching pad for a fulfilling career in education. Strong community connections, invaluable time spent in schools, and continual support from professors and peers inspired me to be a positive change agent in education.