American Studies

A user's guide to life and work in the U.S.A.

Our curriculum is both challenging and supportive. We give you the mental tools to take on challenging work more easily.

Program Overview

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Major, Minor

A unique feature of the American studies program is the Focus Area, which enables you to shape over a third of your major or minor yourself. You will have the opportunity to focus on topics that interest you and explore connections across fields. With the Focus Area, you can enrich your study of the arts with courses in literature, music and photography, or to understand American politics, you can take courses in political science, sociology and history.

The program also supports Stetson American Studies International, an exchange program for international students of American studies, and the Student Research in Science and Religion program, which allows you to research topics related to the cultural impact of science and religion. Through American studies, you can also pursue experiential learning projects, teaching internships and internships at public history sites.

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American Studies is the program for you if...

  • you loved your classes in history, social studies, or civics. American studies courses will help you understand what makes the U.S.A. tick. Do you like to watch history documentaries or visit American historic sites? We’ll work with that interest to give you a broader and deeper understanding of American culture, its promises and its problems—and what you can contribute on the American scene.
  • you take courses in many fields and find it hard to decide which one to major in. As an interdisciplinary field, American Studies lets you use a number of different fields as part of your major. So in American Studies, you can major in the relation of many different fields rather than focusing on only one.

American Studies Distinctive

In American Studies, you shape over a third of your major yourself. Go ahead—keep exploring! With the Focus Area, you choose four courses from different disciplines that deal with a common theme, for example, culture and the arts, gender and popular culture, race and politics, or religion and values. In Class Search, look for courses particularly well suited to the Focus Area under both Subject (for AMST courses) and Interdisciplinary Programs (for AMST-Attribution courses). Of the 11 courses required for the American Studies major, four of them are in the student self-defined Focus Area.


The faculty associated with the program include many across the university. Our faculty are primarily focused on teaching and on you, as a student. Among our core faculty, Paul Croce has twice received Stetson University's HAND award for research.

Career Significance

How do Americans think? What have they done in the past, and what are US citizens likely to do in the future? Understanding Americans is preparation for many jobs. In particular, American Studies majors have gone on to work in the State Department, libraries, art galleries, photography, museums, university teaching, university administration, high schools, city planning, scientific research, counseling, writing for magazines and web pages, the law and the music business.

Success Stories

  • Sara Cotner, Founder and Executive Director, Montessori For All
  • Ian Guthrie, Director, Pathfinder Program, Hopkins School
  • Scott Haugner, Founder of Techne, a scientific research organization
  • Brendan Kingsley, Kingsley Imaging, Fine Art Printing & Finishing
  • David Marcell, Development Officer and Acting President, Skidmore College
  • Jay Mechling, Professor of American Studies, University of California, Davis
  • Brian Mistler, Clinical Psychologist
  • Robert Redd, Executive Director, New Smyrna Museum of History
  • Ryan Smith, Professor of History, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Cory Suter, Attorney and Counselor at Law, and Photographer