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Program Options:
Stetson University offers both a general degree in organizational leadership and industry-focused. The curriculum for advanced courses in industry specific cohorts will utilize industry specific practices as a backdrop to student learning. 

Focus areas include:

  • Healthcare/Public Health
  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality and Entertainment
  • Information Technology
  • Non-Profit and Government

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Stetson University’s accelerated degree completion program has been designed and developed by adult educators who understand how adults learn.

Finish Strong.

If you are interested in becoming an inspirational leader equipped to provide vision and guidance in the 21st century, then majoring in organizational leadership may be the right choice for you. Whether leading from the bottom, middle or top in an organization’s structure, this major has been designed to enhance students’ abilities to strategically lead organizations through complex changes as well as help them advance their professional careers.

Organizational leadership students participate in an innovative interdisciplinary program designed as a collaboration between the Adult Degree Completion Program, College of Arts & Sciences, School of Business Administration and School of Music. This broad collaboration allows the major to emphasize the critical competencies identified by employers—communication literacy, quantitative analysis, ethical decision-making, problem-solving and teamwork—in the program’s four core courses as well as throughout the organizational leadership major.

A Distinctive Program

The B.A. in organizational leadership is a degree completion program that is specifically designed for working professionals who want to finish their college degree. The program is offered in a highly structured, hybrid format that combines traditional face-to-face classes and online coursework.

As a student in the organizational leadership program, you will join a cohort — typically 15-25 individuals with a wide range of experience in diverse industries. You will collaborate with and learn from your peers and advance together as a cohesive team, with support from faculty facilitators.

The major follows an intensive course of study that is delivered on-site at Stetson University DeLand campus, Stetson University Center at Celebration and Tampa Law Center as well as at partner locations in Orlando and Jacksonville. Additionally, the major offers students considerable flexibility to adapt their capstone research to health care/public health, financial services/risk management, technology, hospitality and profit/non-profit/government types of organizations.

Academics and Research

This program is offered with a single major in organizational leadership, and students may adapt their research focus to one of the five following areas:

  • Organizational leadership in health care/public health
  • Organizational leadership in financial services/risk management
  • Organizational leadership in technology
  • Organizational leadership in hospitality
  • Organizational leadership in non-profit/government

Facilities and Opportunities

With campuses along the busy I-4 corridor, Stetson University is in a geographical position to respond to the growing gap in qualified bachelor’s degree workers in this geographic area.

This region offers a rich array of businesses, medical facilities and other professional institutions with which Stetson Univeristy might form partnerships to offer a degree completion program on-site as well as at our campuses along the I-4 corridor.

Preparation for Graduate Studies

The organizational leadership major provides excellent preparation for graduate study, as it fosters the key competencies of the following:

  • critical analysis and research.
  • social and emotional intelligence.
  • corporate social responsibility.
  • strategic thinking and complex problem-solving.
  • cultural diversity.
  • data-driven performance improvement.

Distinguished Faculty

As with all Stetson University's academic programs, students who enroll in the B.A. in organizational leadership program will receive instruction from professors who are leaders in the field and will build a professional network that will support them in their educational journeys and beyond. Distinguished faculty members include the following:

Affiliated Faculty

Grant Funded Research

Students are encouraged to take part in the Stetson Undergraduate Research Experience. Each year undergraduate scholars are selected in a university-wide competition for grants to work with a faculty mentor on a summer research project.

Undergraduate Awards and Honors

The program gives the Outstanding Senior in Organizational Leadership Award to one student each year.

Courses and Curriculum

» View the Stetson University Course Catalog for more information on the curriculum and courses for this academic program.

Beyond the Classroom


Our students do internships at various companies along the I-4 corridor, among other locations, for course credit or cash payment. These opportunities give students hands-on experience in a specific field that can provide career options in the future.

After Stetson Univeristy

Diverse Careers

Employers across the globe need leaders that are skilled communicators and problem solvers, relate well to other employees, and can use their self-awareness and understanding of others to create a climate of innovation and productivity.

A Bachelor of Arts in organizational leadership helps you to build these skills, preparing you to work in a range of careers, including health care, information technology, financial and risk management, human resources, communications, hospitality, entertainment and non-profit organizations.