Voice Student practicing

Voice Area

The vocal performance program is one of the only undergraduate programs that offers its students the opportunity to perform in fully staged opera productions in the original language with the orchestra. You will also have the unique opportunity to coach and work with our collaborative piano faculty and sing in ensembles conducted by our nationally and internationally recognized conductors.

Area Coordinator

Dr. Chadley Ballantyne - [email protected]


Audition Requirements

Candidates for voice study must prepare two contrasting selections. One selection will preferably be in English, while the contrasting selection may be in Italian, French, German, Latin, or Spanish. Both selections should be sung with classical technique including good diction, correct phrasing, and musical intelligence. Audition material must be performed from memory. The audition will also consist of sight-singing two or three brief lines of music, as well as demonstrating other musicianship skills through exercises in rhythm, ear-training, and keyboard. If needed, an accompanist will be provided.