Aerial view of Cape Town, South Africa

Eligibility - Study Abroad in South Africa

The Cape Town, South Africa study abroad program is open to law students, lawyers, and business professionals interested in studying abroad in South Africa. Law students and lawyers should have an active interest in international human rights law in order to make the most of this exciting academic experience. Enrollment will be limited to forty (40) students, and it is estimated that forty (40) students will enroll.

Foreign Law Students are Welcome to Participate

Law students from foreign law schools are also eligible and invited to enroll in the program. Historically, only a few foreign law students have registered for the program; we, therefore, anticipate that only a small number of foreign law students will attend and estimate no more than two individuals may participate in the program. It is anticipated that these students will all be from the host country in which the program is located.

Applicants with Special Needs

Applicants with disabilities or other special needs should contact the Office of International Programs at Stetson in advance to discuss arrangements. Cape Town may not meet U.S. standards for accommodations. However, Stetson will make every effort to reasonably accommodate the special needs of applicants.

Students Participating in 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021

Twenty-two (22) students participated in the program in Cape Town during the summer of 2018. Of the twenty-two total students who participated last year, nine (9) students were from Stetson, and thirteen (13) students were from other law schools.

2019, 2020, and 2021 Cape Town programs were canceled.