International Travel Safety

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Travelling internationally, either on your own or through a study-abroad program, can be a wonderfully enriching experience. The opportunity to visit new places and learn about new cultures can instill a greater understanding of the complexities of living in global society. But international travel can carry risks as well. Like many colleges across the country, we look for ways to prepare individuals for the risks they may encounter. One way we do this is by providing information about specific study-abroad destinations. Under the Resources tab for each program, we have provided links to various travel advisories, like Consular Warnings and safety information from the U.S. Department of State.

Also, our Safety Videos page on the Intranet offers important travel tips for safe international travel. Titled Safe Passage Travel Companion, the 30-minute program is presented in the following five modules:

  • Introduction (3:45)
  • Before You Go (8:17)
  • In Transit (3:19)
  • In Country (9:25)
  • If Lightning Strikes (7:48)

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Viewing this program is mandatory for all students enrolled in a Stetson Law study-abroad program or for those who plan to travel internationally as part of a Stetson curricular or co-curricular program or college-sponsored activity. It is also required viewing for all U.S. faculty and staff traveling internationally to teach or support Stetson's international programs and activities. We encourage other members of our community to view the program if they are planning international travel.

NOTE: This is a licensed program accessible only by faculty, staff, and students of Stetson University College of Law. You will need your Intranet login information to view the program.

Thank you for taking the time to review this important safety information.