Hispanic Bar Association

Mission Statement

HBA membersThe Hispanic Bar Association concerns itself with promoting the understanding of cultural diversity as well as aiding the surround Hispanic community. HBA meets its objectives through a variety of guest speakers, pro bono workshops, general meetings, and social events that are open to the entire Stetson community, irrespective of ethnicity. A recent focus of HBA has been to aid in the recruitment process of Hispanic students to Stetson.

About the HBA

HBA is made up of law students who actively participate throughout the year on campus and in the local community. HBA is dedicated to helping Stetson students learn about different opportunities on and off campus, as well as providing our students with an outlet where they can mingle and have fun.

HBA also helps individuals overcome the language barrier that stands between the Hispanic Community in need of legal pro bono help and the lawyers committed to helping them. To fulfill this commitment, Spanish speaking HBA members perform intake work and serve as translators for Gulfcoast Legal Services and Bay Area Legal Services pro bono clients. These translation skills help make various legal workshops with the local Hispanic community a great success. In addition to its pro bono dedication, HBA is also committed to promoting cultural diversity and awareness on Stetson's campus. To do this, HBA strongly encourages the entire Stetson community to participate in its monthly meetings and many on-campus events. Some of this past year's HBA events included a Salsa Night, a Language Workshop, a career development luncheon, a panel of attorneys who identify as minorities, and our largest event -- the Annual HBA Pig Roast. Every year HBA organizes a Networking Pig Roast where Stetson students, faculty, staff, and local attorneys join the surrounding legal and business communities for a day of Latin food, music, dancing, entertainment and fun. Stetson's HBA, is also very proud to have been named Stetson University’s College of Law, Student Organization of the Year, for the 2016-2017 school year. Contact an HBA officer for more information on this successful program.


Linett San Juan

Vice President
Jose Garcia

Lorenzi Lora

Laura Ocampo

Outreach Committee Chair
Maria White

Public Relations Chair
Nataly Azcurra

Past Presidential Advisor
Yarelis Llerena

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