Innocence Initiative at Stetson Law


media/innocence-initiative-photo.jpgInnocence Initiative - Reform and Education Division

The Reform and Education Division serves as the proactive arm of the Innocence Initiative at Stetson Law, in that it is tasked with preventing future wrongful convictions. The R&E Division is a Stetson Law SBA (Student Bar Association) sponsored student organization. As such, it is run by actual Stetson Law students and participation is open to all interested parties. Its primary goals are to advocate for big-picture policy reform, and to educate the student body, case workers, and greater community on wrongful conviction issues.

Innocence Initiative members standing next to Alan Crotzer

Innocence Initiative members met with Alan Crotzer (pictured right), a St. Petersburg man exonerated of crimes.


Noel Gonzalez

Vice President
John Lines

Rebecca Dorsey

Paley Podhurst

Education Chair
Savannah Williams

Social Outreach Chair
Emmanuel Bonilla

Public Relations Chair
Angel Mathias