Stetson Law students perform pro bono service in the community.

Pro Bono Service - Where to Find Opportunities

Stetson Law Pro Bono logo - Justice, Service, ResponsibilityThere are a wide variety of opportunities to complete your pro bono requirements.
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Symplicity Instructions:

    • Log into Symplicity.
    • Go to the Stetson Law Jobs Tab.
    • Do an advanced search for “Pro Bono” or “Community Service” position types.
    • For further assistance, please contact the Career Development Office.

Still undecided? Here are two short videos to help guide you towards earning your 30 hours of required legal pro bono service. Watch the videos below and consider one of these opportunities.

If you don’t see an opportunity that seems right for you please contact Kamilah Clark in the Career Development Office at

Other Documents:

Public Service Clinics That Satisfy Pro Bono Requirements

The William F. Blews Pro Bono Service Award

In honor of William F. Blews, JD ’66, the College of Law has established this award to recognize those students who perform at least twice the number of pro bono service hours required for graduation. Awards are presented to students at graduation.

Successful completion of a clinic qualifies for thirty (30) hours of legal pro bono credit but cannot be counted as pro bono hours for the purposes of qualifying for the William F. Blews Pro bono award.

Stetson University College of Law has an extensive list of clinics and externships. For a comprehensive list, visit Clinics and Externships.

The clinic must be completed by the semester prior to the semester of graduation. For example, if you are graduating in May, the clinic must be completed by the end of the fall semester. Students must have a passing or satisfactory grade to earn those pro bono hours.

Students who are in a Stetson Law clinic that has been pre-approved as a public service clinic will receive up to 30 hours of public service credit which will satisfy the legal pro bono requirement.

On-Campus Pro Bono Opportunities

Forensic Science Pro Bono Service

Do you want the opportunity to work on the cutting edge of forensic science and the law? With the immense popularity of television shows such as CSI and Dexter, the field of forensic science is more popular than ever; and now is your chance to work with the world's only resource combining science, technology, and the law.

The National Clearinghouse for Science, Technology, and the Law at Stetson provides a variety of opportunities to complete your pro bono credit.

The program is ideal for part-time students and full-time students who prefer working from home because the majority of the work can be done online. This type of work can be appealing to those with an interest in evidence, criminal law, and/or forensic science.

To participate in this program, students must possess strong writing skills and participate in mandatory online training. If you are interested in participating, please send an email requesting participation to Professor Carol Henderson at We also strongly suggest that students include a few sentences to explain their interest in the program and demonstrate their writing ability.

Veterans Law Pro Bono Service

The Veterans Law Institute serves as a center of scholarship and policy studies. The Veterans Law Institute offers pro bono opportunities to students each semester.

Students performing pro bono work connect veterans and service members in the Tampa Bay area with affordable civil legal services. Student responsibilities include: speaking with veterans and service members by phone, summarizing the legal issues, drafting a short synopsis of the legal issue for later distribution, working with attorneys who accept a pro bono case to provide legal research support, and maintaining an up–to-date resource directory of all the available legal service organizations in the Tampa Bay area. For more information, please contact Professor Simcox at

Elder Law Pro Bono Service

The Center for Excellence in Elder Law provides legal education to law students, attorneys, and judges in the field of elder and special needs law and produces scholarly research and writing on issues impacting those who are older and/or have special needs. The Center provides numerous opportunities for students to earn pro bono credit. Recent programs include help with providing wills for veterans, tax assistance for the elderly, working in senior community centers and more. For more information, contact

Social Justice Advocacy Pro Bono Service

The Social Justice Advocacy (SJA) Concentration Program focuses on issues related to justice in both the criminal and civil legal system. Each year SJA offers pro bono opportunities for students in the general student body. For example, the SJA Program has offered pro bono opportunities for several law students to participate in the Innocence Initiative by reviewing the case files of incarcerated people claiming to be wrongfully convicted. Students who work in this project are assigned to assist supervising attorneys with legal research, factual investigation, case summaries, client visits in prison, and drafting post-conviction motions when necessary. Similarly, the SJA Program offers pro bono opportunities for law students to educate middle school students about juvenile criminal law through the Street Law Program.  Several of our students have also received legal pro bono hours for working in the Homeless Advocacy Externship supervised by Professor Kristen Adams. For more information about SJA pro bono opportunities, please contact Professor Scully at

Advocacy Pro Bono Service

The Center for Excellence in Advocacy offers a wide variety of opportunities to obtain non-legal pro bono credit. Students can volunteer to work at various events sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Advocacy such as the National Pretrial Competition, the Educating Advocates Teaching Conference, the International Environmental Moot Court Competition, and the White Collar Crime College. Student volunteers are also often needed to assist with administrative matters related to our internal competitions such as the annual intramural AAJ competition, as well as the Opening Statements and Closing Arguments competition.

In addition, the center serves as a conduit for private attorneys and public sector attorneys looking for students to assist them in their pro bono work. For further information, please contact or Peggy Gordon at

Biodiversity Law Pro Bono Service

Stetson's Institute for Biodiversity Law and Policy serves as an interdisciplinary focal point for education, research and service activities related to global, regional and local biodiversity issues. The institute offers both legal and non-legal pro bono opportunities related to environmental research. For more information contact

International Programs Pro Bono Service

Stetson Law’s International Programs Office has a non-legal pro bono program called the Stetson Buddy Program which is designed to help international students feel more comfortable in a new environment. For more information contact Kristen Cohen at